Branding, Website, Contents and Social

Smart+ is a new store carrying premium home entertainment, automation and security products targeting clients who want nothing but the best. Leading brands include Bang & Olufsen, LG, SONY, Hunter Douglas, Lutron, Meridian, Barco, JVC and so on.

Without the limitation of a mono-brand store, Smart+ can customize a system combining the benefits of different products to create the best-integrated solution. We set up the showroom as an experience centre to demonstrate how we can turn your home into an intelligent premium living space. 

During their renovation, we work in parallel to create their website, produce media content and set up their social media presence.


Captain George Fish & Chips
Website. photo, video and online order

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 7.42.32 AM.png

Captain George is a franchise family dining restaurant in Oshawa. Due to COVID, the business has put a substantial focus on take-out and delivery, hence a need to improve the online presence with better photos and videos and also linking to services like Dash for a smooth workflow and better user experience. 

This is a work in progress with a mock-up of the site. Now we are working with the client to finalize the media production. 


Real Estate Private Sale
Website, SEO and photography

Our client wish sell their house via private sale and commissioned us to shoot the photos and prepare a website to showcase the sales features and help quality the potential buyer before scheduling a viewing. 

We are glad to report that the house was sold within 10 days after the site is up so we removed the address and contact information and leave it online as a demo. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 11.41.07 PM.png

Northmount School
Explanary video

The client needs a video to keep the community informed about the latest policy in response to COVID-19.


To minimize exposure, we are asked to produce the video with no crew, which presents a challenge as I alone have to be carrying out the duties of a producer, director and videographer while at the same time taking care of lighting and capturing sound.


Click the picture to watch the video. 


Branding, website, content and social 

Our client is setting up a new establishment providing a range of services to new clients. 


We identified that the service provider plays a major role in affecting the potential client's decision whether they want to use their service, we start with an interview-style video to introduce the founders to the clients, complete with a walk-through of the facility to manage expectation, then complete the experience with explanatory videos of the procedures aiming to answer the more common questions ahead of time. 

Click the picture on the left to visit the website and watch the videos.


Taxis Contracting
Website, content media and social

When we first work with Taxis Contracting, they operated as a general contractor.


Understanding that most clients are skeptical when working with a new contractor, we set our focus on two aspects, group the services to present them in a more organized manner, as well as provide social proof in the form of customer testimonial videos.


With a dedication to their work, Taxis's clients are more than happy to come forward on camera, which no doubt helped them earn new business.

After a few years, Taxis has expanded. We are commissioned to perform a complete overhaul of their website and script and shoot new content. We are proud to see our work contributed to our client's success, and have a chance to service them again.