With the growing popularity of the Internet, everyone can tell their story via video and multi-media presentation to the public. This implies now there is a very powerful channel at your disposal for marketing your goods and services or messages.


Cheng Media Inc., is an expert in helping their clients to tell their stories.backed by a professional media production capacity with a studio in Pickering.  


With an extensive background in marketing, Eddy helps small businesses identify their branding identity, and formulate a social media marketing plan to grow their business. In the process, he also looks after the media plan and produces all the content needed to implement the campaign. 

In response to COVID-19, Eddy also helps his clients deploy contactless services like online training, event streaming and so on via the internet. He also developed a workflow that allows remote video capture/editing to create media content for his client. 


We have experience working with different businesses to help them tell their stories, provide training for their client and create content for their website or social marketing.

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