A picture is worth a thousand words. Quality images have always been the best mean to present your message. Our photography service covers a wide genre of your photography needs for printed and web media.  Our works were used by advertising agencies, corporations, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs in different lines of business.

Our photography division is lead by our founder Eddy Cheng, who is an internationally published photographer. Eddy’s interest in photography is long-standing. He taught fellow students photography in his grade 7 year as a senior member of the school Photography Club

Eddy’s related work was accepted in multiple international competitions and he had articles published in photographic magazines back in Hong Kong.  He has been a serious photographer all his life.

Glamour shots


Vogue Italia  Feb 2018

Femme Rebelle Magazine  April 2018


Portrait, glamour and fashion shots are my specialty. Our work are used by actors and models for their portfolio, fashion designers and clients who want quality image of themselves.

I can create mouth watering photos of your gourmet dishes, or help you establish your YouTube channel to promote yourself or your restaurant.

With the growing popularity of the internet your first impression to your clients is very likely coming from your Head Shot. A quality head shot is crucial for a successful career and personal life.

Documenting Artwork is the most demanding photography job as artists expect nothing  but the best representation of their masterpiece. Our works are used for personal archive, web content, publishing or create multi-media presentation for shows.

We shoot illustration photos for graphic designer to be used in catalogue, packing, posters and so on. .

Our real estate photography service features quick turnaround time and high resolution photos including HDR shots and walk through videos.

With the growing popularity of e-commence quality Product Shots is crucial to the success of your business. We are experienced in handling both e-shop catalogue photos as well as designing life style shots of your product in action.

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