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Eddy has been a marketer and content creator all his life.


Eddy started his creative journey in high school, teaching photography to fellow students at the school’s Photography Club. He also founded the Drama and Film Society and produced his first short film in Super 8 film. Even at his teen years, Eddy’s photography work was accepted in multiple international competitions, and he is now an internationally published photographer, including the online version of Photo Vogue Italy, a division of the Vogue magazine.

​Back in Hong Kong, Eddy once worked as the assistant head of facility at Asian Television.  This experience developed Eddy’s skills in a fast-paced and demanding environment.

After graduation, Eddy developed a career in sales and marketing, which included managing sales teams, brands, and setting up distribution channels. Brands he managed included Thomson monitor, NEC, Brother printer, Star Paging and so on. Having worked closely with advertising agencies gives him a good understand of the creative workflow and makes him an asset to your marketing project.

In 1996, Eddy arrived in Canada and began to re-establish himself. Within 5 years he managed to have his own Managing General Agency distributing creditor insurance products underwritten by Great West Life and ACE Life to the Canadian market. This success proved Eddy have acquired a keen understanding of the Canadian marketplace and business practices.

​Though committed to his business, Eddy never dropped his passion for creative work. To follow his passion, Eddy sold his finance and insurance business and founded Cheng Media Inc.

Eddy help his client promote their business and improve the bottom line by adapting his marketing and production expertise

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