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Cancellation policy

When we accept a client’s booking, we shall not take other jobs on the scheduled date and invest in securing the resources for the assignment. If a client cancels the job, we may not find another client and suffer financial loss in income and expenses. A common practice in our business is to have a cancellation policy.

Your booking is confirmed once you pay the deposit or the agreed fee. By remitting payment, you indicated that you agreed to our cancellation policy as stated below.

1.     The client who submits a written cancellation 60 days or more before the scheduled shooting day will receive a full refund.


2.     The client that submits a written cancellation 14 days before the shooting day can apply the deposit in a rescheduled shooting at a mutually agreed time or apply the amount paid as credit for another assignment.

3.     Besides the above two scenarios, we reserve the right to keep the payment as compensation for our financial loss.  

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