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Don’t Let SEO harm your business!

SEO (search engine optimization) is the hot topic in town. Everyone who has a web site and want to promote their business are looking at it, but it is really going to help?

It may or may not, depending on your site. Or more specific, depending on how good is your site.

In the pass, potential client are attracted to your business by your prime location, upscale renovation and what they see conveys to their faith in your business. Nowadays, people research your business via the Internet, so if your web site is giving them the wrong impression of your quality, they will write you off as a potential vendor immediately.

What is worst is you did not even realize this is happening. You can count the client your web site get you, but how do you tell how many it drive away before you have a chance?

Before you invest in SEO, invest in the content of your web site. Your site it your image, and you cannot afford to let people see it before you are ready.

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